At BBVA, we are working towards a better future for people. This means we are actively committed to achieving full equality of opportunity for people with disabilities and to making communication with all our stakeholders easier, regardless of the device or channel they use. One example of this is our website, which has received a EURACERT AA quality label for accessibility through Technosite, a FUNDOSA Group company (the ONCE Foundation). The label is based on Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) guidelines.

This website is designed to be easily accessible to as many people as possible, including those with visual, hearing, cognitive or motor disabilities, or with technological limitations such as slow connections, obsolete navigators, alternative devices, etc., without having to make any changes to the configuration of the computer.

The site has been developed in compliance the standards for XHTML and CSS set by W3C, a consortium that sets the rules used in the new digital media.

Currently, the multimedia (video, audio) elements are not optimized for accessibility, but we are working to ensure that we reach all our stakeholders.