Responsible Business at BBVA

In today’s scenario, society continues to call for a change in behavior and a new focus from its financial institutions. That’s why we at BBVA are responding to this social demand with a different model of banking we call responsible banking, based on pursuing profitability guided by principles, strict compliance with legal regulations, good practices and the creation of long-term value for all our interest groups.

In order to achieve this goal, we have launched a Responsible Business Plan with a global scope based on three elements: a long-term orientation, a balanced relationship with our customers, and support for the development of the communities in which we operate. The Plan sets out three strategic priorities:

Transparent, Clear and Responsible Communication

For users of financial services, a responsible bank is above all a bank that speaks clearly and transparently. Without asymmetries. Transparency and clarity are essential for guaranteeing that people always understand the products they are taking on. In order to achieve this, the bank is reviewing all its points of contact with the customer to make sure the communication is always TCR, starting with the product descriptions and continuing on to the actual contracting, to ultimately include all our commercial communications.


Education is a strategic priority in the Group’s social programs, and is focused on two lines:

  • Financial literacy and business skills to promote training in:
    • Financial culture to prepare children and young people for their future.
    • Financial literacy for adults, which –along with TCR Communication– is the other key to enabling customers to make informed decisions, and training in finance and business skills for SMEs, who play a key role in developing the economic and entrepreneurial fabric of the country in which they operate.
  • Education for social integration and education in values for children and young people.

High social impact products

This involves developing financial products with a high social impact; in other words products that integrate differential social attributes. It already generates a significant social impact simply through its routine activities. Large numbers of people live thanks to financing from the bank’s mortgages, and companies are generating growth and employment with the help of funding from BBVA. The Group therefore has an excellent opportunity to design products and services with a much greater social impact that take into account the needs of the customers and the environment in which they live. These products allow us to increase access to finance, support the growth and development of SMEs by reinforcing their social impact, and foster the advancement of groups with special needs.